The Skill Centre

Introducing our groundbreaking initiative: The Skill Centre Project. Our vision is bold and transformative—to establish a Skill Center in every African nation. Each campus will be a beacon of knowledge, where the full spectrum of all human vocational skills is taught, preserved, and passed down to the next generation. We're not just dreaming; we're acting. Our purpose? To revolutionize trade and vocational skills across Africa, empowering individuals and communities. Join us in this audacious journey to shape the future of skill development and empowerment on the continent. Together, we can turn this dream into a reality, igniting a renaissance of vocational excellence in Africa.

Skill Centre- 8 floors

Ground floor
Auto repair workshop
1st floor
Woodwork/ Furniture making and metal fabrication workshop
2nd floor
Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Masonry workshop
3rd floor
Media (video, photography, CGI, stage designing, animation) shop
4th floor
Printing (paper, shirt) shop
5th floor
Performance (acting, dancing, modeling) studio
6th floor
Fashion designing workshop
7th floor
Music recording studio

Each floor is dedicated to one or more vocational skills. Our approach is to train students by doing and to transfer world-class processes and industry standards across Africa.